Born in Bucharest, Romania, Irina Katz-Mazilu graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Bucharest in 1974 and the Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs of Paris in 1984. She specializes in oil paintings, gouaches, mixed media drawings and masks. Ms. Katz-Mazilu has lived and worked in Paris since 1981.


  Irina Katz-Mazilu is known for her vibrant palette of rainbow colors and her surreal, dreamlike compositions. She is inspired by the curvilinear forms of the natural world and the geometry of architecture. Ms. Katz-Mazilu has participated in numerous exhibitions and salons in France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, and the United States.




Oil on canvas, framed
25.5” x 30”



“Tree in Blossom”
Acrylic on paper, framed
27.25” x 20.25”




“Walk in Twilight”
Acrylic on paper, framed
27.25” x 20.25”



Acrylic on paper
24” x 15”



“The Dance”
Ink on paper
28.5” x 19.5”