Lieuwe Kingma
Lieuwe Kingma was born in Holland in 1957 and received a degree in art and graphic design from the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, Holland. Living and working in his native country, he specializes in still life and landscapes, continuing the rich tradition in these genres for which Dutch painters of many generations are famed.
  Dutch artist Lieuwe Kingma brings a fresh, contemporary approach to still life with his vigorous technique. His paintings are large in scale and expressive in content, employing broad brush strokes, lively Mediterranean colors and bold contrasts in texture. He draws inspiration from the influences of the Impressionists and Post-impressionists, as well as such Dutch Modern masters as Mondrian. Born in 1957, Kingma has exhibited in Belgium, Monaco, Norway, France, the United States, and in numerous galleries in his native Holland.

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“Dutch Country Road”
Oil on canvas, Dutch frame
47” x 40”




“Vase with Flowers”
Oil on canvas, Dutch frame
40” x 36"




“Blue Hydrangeas"
Oil on canvas, Dutch frame
50" x 45"