Born in Hungary in 1951, Istvan Orosz was educated at the University of Arts and Design in Budapest, where he specialized in etching. Over the course of his professional career, Orosz has since created hundreds of etchings, as well as theatre, movie and exhibition posters, and anamorphic sculptures. Orosz has also been active in the production of animated films, examples of which will be shown at the exhibition. Orosz is a regular participant in the major international biennial exhibitions of graphic art and posters, and his works have been shown in numerous individual and group exhibitions across Europe and the United States. A member of the prestigious Hungarian Art Academy, Orosz is director of animated film at the Pannonia Film Studio in Budapest, and a frequent guest lecturer at universities in Hungary and abroad..
  We are pleased to represent Istvan Orosz, an award-winning Hungarian artist known for his remarkable etchings, theatre posters, and animated films. Istvan is especially celebrated for his anamorphic sculpture, a unique type of etching which interacts with reflective metal columns, creating new images otherwise invisible to the eye. In all of his diverse artistic endeavors, Orosz uses visual paradox and trompe l'oeil approaches, drawing inspiration from the work of M.C. Escher and from the themes and aesthetics of classical times. He clearly understands both the art and the science of perception, and uses his masterful talents to "trick the eye". Appropriately, he uses as his pseudonym the Greek word OYTE ("Nobody"), the name used by the Homeric hero Odysseus when he battled the Cyclops.


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"The Well"
Anamorphic etching, IV/VIII
20" x 22"



"The Wasp"
Framed etching, #21/35
22" x 28"



"Myth III:The Cupola"
Framed etching, #23/96
18" x 15"



Framed etching, #13/30
29" x 23"



"Pergola" (Zenelo Ka't)
Framed etching, #8/75 - II
27" x 21"



"Dionysos Theatre"
Anamorphic etching, #7/10
22" x 22"



Framed etching, #18/30
21" x 18"